A wide range of industrial specialised equipment have been developed in house.

These include:

• Fans for industrial, mining and utility applications

• Dampers & compensators

• Furnaces & incinerators

• Gas cleaning/cooling equipment


A wide range of fans for the industrial, mining and power industry have been developed and supplied over the past sixty years with an installed base of more than 40 000 units globally.


Fans are supplied for the following applications:

• Air Pollution Control

• Ferro metal Processing

• Sugar Processing

• Boilers and Scrubbers

• Metal Processing

• Pneumatic Conveying

• Milling and Mining

SRP Pressure Blowers

Designed principally for the process industry SRP blowers deliver high pressures up to 25.0 kPa at moderate volumes (45.0 m³/s).These fans are available in single stage and multi stage configurations. Heavy duty or gas tight blower fan construction provide a long service life for a variety of demanding applications including pneumatic conveying, glass blowing, gas boosting and pollution control systems.



The HDBC Heavy Duty Backward Curved Bladed series is designed for heavy duty clean air applications such as forced draught, supply air, cooling, ventilating and quenching. The HDBC series consists of 6 aerodynamically related impellers, each available in 14 basic impeller diameters. The diameter may be increased or decreased to assure optimum selections over a broad range of volumes and pressures.


HDBA Centrifugal Fans

High efficiency Aerofoil section Backward Curved Bladed Centrifugal fans are purposely designed to suit a variety of clean air applications requiring high pressures and large volumes. These fans are available in single and double inlet configuration and are direct driven.


FHRT Exhaust Fans

The FHRT Heavy duty Radial Tip series is designed for rugged industrial and power plant services with combined features that make FHRT fans an ideal selection for any induced draught application involving dirty and /or high temperature gas. The FHRT series consists of 6 aerodynamically related impellers and are available in 14 basic impeller diameters. The diameter may be increased or decreased to assure suitable selections over a broad range of gas volumes and pressures.


BC Centrifugal Fans

High Efficiency Backward Curved Bladed Centrifugal fans are suitable for a variety of clean air applications requiring moderate pressures and volumes.

Compensators & Dampers

Custom designed compensators and dampers suitable for a wide range of processes, temperatures and pressures are available.


Industries and Applications:

Cement industry

Petrochemical industry

Fertiliser industry

Sugar Industry

Power generation Industry

Metal production and processing

Flue gas duct systems

Boiler inlets and boiler outlets

Process lines

Stack connections



Advantages of Fabric Compensators:

  • Fabric compensators can absorb axial, shear and torsional movement.
  • Limited stresses are imparted to the ducting.


  • Fabric compensators can accommodate relatively large movements, so fewer are required for any given ducting run.
  • No noise or vibration is transmitted.
  • Slight misalignment of flanges can be accommodated without re-positioning the duct-work.


Fabric Compensator Range;

  • Pressure Range -20 to 20+ Kpa.
  • Steel and Insulation pillow for temperatures up to 800°C.
  • Refractory lined Fabric Compensator for temperatures up to 1400°C.


Damper Range;

  • Single and Multi-Louvre dampers (rectangular).
  • Single and double louvre dampers (round).
  • Poppet type dampers.
  • Dilution Dampers.

Gas Cleaning & Cooling Equipment

Resonant supply a wide range of gas cleaning & cooling equipment to enable our customers to comply with the latest environmental legislative requirements. These include off the shelf bag filters for simple dust control applications to custom designed bag filters and scrubbers for specialised process applications.


Our cooling equipment are optimised for each application and include force draught, radiant or water cooled coolers. Secondary equipment such as ducting, support structures, stacks and storage silos can all be supplied as part of a turn-key solution to the client.

Furnaces & Incinerators

Resonant has the all-round capability to supply furnace and incineration products for various industries.


Resonant offers the following types of furnaces customised to suit the client’s unique requirements:

  • Steel Tempering and Annealing Furnaces
  • Aluminium Ageing Ovens
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment Furnaces
  • Re-heat furnaces
  • Drying Ovens
  • Curing Ovens
  • Calcining Ovens


Our Incinerator range offer thermal destruction of solid, liquid and gaseous waste streams. Every incinerator is designed and constructed considering the respective legislative standards. Resonant further specialise in fixed hearth/chamber Incinerators with automatic loading systems.

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